Little Ed. Learning Center Handbook


Admission Requirements

In order to enroll your child, a parent and/or legal guardian must complete our online application, provide an Immunization Form completed by the child’s physician, and provide a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or other documentation on or before the first day of school.
Children must be at least 3 years old by September 30 of current school year to enroll in our Preschool class, and at least 4 years old by September 30 of the current school year to enroll in our Pre-K class.
All students should be fully toilet trained.  Training pants or pull-ups are allowed, but not preferred.


Children who are currently enrolled are eligible to submit an application for the following school year, and are considered before outside enrollments are taken.
The Little Ed. Learning Center is a ministry of Green Valley Baptist Church, and therefore priority placement is given to church attendees and their families.  Remaining placements are open to the community.  To ensure a quality program, the Learning Center maintains an appropriate student/teacher ratio.  If classes become filled, a waiting list is created for each class.  Wait list candidates are considered if vacancies occur.

Fees and Payment

There is a $25 Annual Supply Fee due at the time of enrollment.  This can be mailed or delivered to the Church Office prior to the start of school, or at the very latest included with the first month’s tuition payment.
Half-Day Preschool Tuition (3 year olds):  $120/month
Half-Day Pre-K Tuition (4 year olds):  $150/month
Full-Day Pre-K Tuition (4 year olds):  $275/month
A sibling discount of $10/each additional child is available to families.  Additionally, need-based scholarships are available. If financial assistance for tuition is needed during any month, please contact the Director to discuss scholarship opportunities available for enrolled students.
Tuition Payments are due on the first day of class each month.  If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a written reminder will be forwarded to the parent/guardian.
Acceptible payments include: cash, check, or money order.  Please make checks and/or money orders payable to “Little Ed. Learning Center.”
Payments can be given to any staff member or placed in the designated drop-box.
Unfortunately the Center cannot issue refunds for days missed because of illness, appointments, vacation, or inclement weather, as our operating costs continue, and the student’s space remains reserved despite these circumstances.

Special Days

On or near the date of a child’s birthday, parents are welcome to bring in or sent treats for the students to enjoy during snack time or before dismissal in celebration of the special occasion.  Parents/family members are invited to stay and host the party (although it is not required) and may bring treats of their choice (ex. cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.) for all students.
At least one week before the intended party, the parent/guardian should notify the teacher of their desired plan.
Students with summer birthdays will have a special birthday celebration together in the month of May, before school ends.
Gifts will not be exchanged between students at any of these celebrations.
Theme days will occur throughout the year.  Parents will be given written notice if the child is to wear or bring something special to class on a particular day (ex. Teddy Bear Day, Pajama Day, etc.).  Please check the folder in your child’s backpack daily for notes sent home.  This is the best means of communication.
Holidays will be celebrated with a Christian emphasis including: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Please note that some secular holidays, including Halloween, will not be celebrated.

Staff & Learning Center Contact

The Little Ed. Learning Center employs a Director and Teachers/Aides during the school year.  All of our teaching staff includes caring individuals, qualified in education and/or experience.  All staff must be certified annually to be free from any disabilities which would prevent them from caring for children.  
All employees undergo a criminal background check as required by Virginia Code 63.2-1724, and comply with the Background Checks for Child Welfare Agencies Regulation.  Additionally, a person trained and certified in First Aid and CPR will be present at the Center whenever children are present.
Volunteers from the church and community may join us for special activities during the year.  This dedicated assistance enhances the program and expands the students’ normal activities.
The Learning Center can be contacted any time during school hours by calling the Green Valley Baptist Church Office: 276-889-0257.  Our Administrative Assistant graciously acts as a liaison for the Center’s staff during school hours.
We encourage open communication with the teacher, volunteers, and church staff.  Your child’s teacher is available to talk with you before or after school hours.  We care, and we want you to feel free to discuss your chid’s activities and progress, and we will work with you and your schedule to do so.
We ask only that you do not voice grievances about the Center with other parents and/or students.
Additionally, if warranted, our Pastor and/or our Oversight Committee will be available to meet together with the Teacher and parents to discuss grievances, questions, or concerns.

Arrival and Pick-Up Arrangements

It is important that you be punctual in your arrival and departure times.  Class normally begins at 9:00 AM.  We ask you say your good-byes and then allow the student to join the other students independently.  The student should also be picked up promptly at the 12:00 PM or 3:00 PM dismissal time.
Outdoor drop-off and/or pick-up is offered for all Pre-K students, but is not mandatory.  The designated area for drop-off/pick-up is the sidewalk near the flag poles.
Although school does not begin until 9:00 AM, if required/requested the staff can accept children as early as 8:30 AM.  This is the earliest time our staff will be available to assist you in gaining access to the Center.  Otherwise, the doors remain locked at all times to ensure security and safety.  Your child should never be left at the Learning Center without informing a staff member.  Church and staff members are available to allow authorized individuals access to the Center during the entirety of the scheduled school day.
Children will only be released to those individuals authorized on  your child’s application release form.  The Teacher must receive written notification, in advance, if someone other than the individual(s) listed are to pick-up your child.

Personal Belongings & School Supplies

The Learning Center will provide each child with a coat/backpack hook and a cubby space for personal belongings.  You may wish to label all fo your child’s belongings with a permanent marker.  Additionally, each child is provided with a folder to carry information and activities home and back to school.  This folder facilitates written communication between the parent and the teacher as well.
The following is a list of things that each student should bring:
  • Soft school backpack to hold, send home projects, and information.
  • Change of clothes (shirt, underwear, pants, and socks), updated seasonally.   This should be provided in a large Ziplock bag marked with your child’s name.
  • Daily snack/lunch packed in a lunchbox or bag.  Parents are encouraged to provide nutritional snacks appropriate for mid-morning (ex. juice box, water, crackers, fruit, etc.).  At times, the teacher may ask the parents to pack a snack that enhances the monthly theme.  Please pack an amount that can be consumed in the normal twenty-minute allotted snack/lunch time.
Toys from home are not always conducive to cooperative play and may become misplaced, damaged, etc.  Toys are to be brought to the Learning Center only on designated special days.  There certainly can be exceptions, if your child feels the need to be comforted by a special toy.  Note: The Little Ed. Learning Center is not responsible for lost or damaged toys.


Children should wear comfortable clothing that is easily washed.  Your child will be encouraged in active learning, art projects, crafts, and play.  Please dress your child in casual clothes and sturdy, well-fitting rubber-soled shoes.
Reminder: A full change of clothes (shirt, underwear, pants, and socks) should be available at school at all times, in the even that your child needs to change clothes during the school day.  These items should be placed in a large Ziplock bag, labeled with your child’s name, and should be updated as seasonally appropriate.


One of the guiding scriptures regarding discipline comes from Luke 6:31 – “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
The staff uses positive reinforcement, and the setting of clear guidelines to encourage acceptable behavior.  Guidelines are set forth and reviewed in an age-appropriate method, easy for students to understand.  Incentives a re used to promote good behavior.
The Center utilizes a Behavior Color System similar to that used locally at the Kindergarten level.  This system allows the child to visually track their behavior and make needed corrections.  Our intent is not to shame a child for bad behavior, but to assist the child  in making choices on their own to correct behavior and be happy with themselves for doing so.  We recommend the motto, “I can make good choices!”
Red: “I may need a time-out to think about my behavior”
Yellow: “I have received a warning.  I can choose to behave differently.”
Green: I’m having a good day.  I will keep up the good work!”
A student may be separated from the group for a time-out if they need to regain control or if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others.  The time-out lasts one minute per the child’s age, and the child remains in view of the teacher at all times.  If the child’s behavior continues after these measures are taken, the parent may be asked to come and pick up the child.
Examples of Behavior Resulting in a Time-Out
  • pushing, hitting, or other improper physical contact
  • disrespectful behavior or language toward the teacher, volunteers, or other children
  • refusal to follow directions
  • repeated acts of not sharing, not listening, or not taking turns
Corporal punishment is NOT carried out under any circumstances.  Children will NOT be slapped, spanked, or hit in any manner.
The Teacher will contact the parent and/or guardian and arrange a meeting to develop strategies for managing the chid’s behavior if there is above average concern.  If behavior does not improve and continually worsens, the Little Ed. Staff reserves the right to withdraw the child from the Learning Center.

Student Withdrawal

Notification is requested to be given in advance of student withdrawal.
The Little Ed. Learning Center staff reserves the right to refuse service or to request the withdrawal of a child at any time for any reason.  Each situation is evaluated on an individual basis.

Health Policy

Parents are strongly encouraged to keep their child home if:
  • The child has a fever of 100.4°F or higher in the past 24 hours.
      • Parents and/or guardians will be contacted by the Learning Center to arrange pick-up of your child if a fever develops or they become ill during the day.
  • The child is fussy, cranky, and/or generally not themselves and appears to be in the beginning state of an illness.
  • The child shows symptoms of infectious or communicable diseases: sniffles, red eyes, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hacking cough, difficulty breathing, or abdominal pain.  Please consult your child’s physician if unsure, and notify us so that we can encourage others to take precautions.
  • The child has an undiagnosed rash.
Please do not expose other children unnecessarily.
Your child may return to the learning center after illness when:
  • Fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea has subsided for 24 hours
  • The child shows signs of feeling better and has resumed normal behavior and/or has been released to return by a medical provider.
Please notify the Learning Center staff as soon as possible, if your child is ill or will be absent.

Access to Speech Therapy

If you think your child may benefit from the help of a speech therapist, after discussion with their pediatrician, we can refer you to an early intervention program (coordinated through Russell County School System) that will provide a free screening.

Safety & Emergency Procedures

Security cameras/video surveillance occurs both inside and outside of Green Valley Baptist Church.   The intent of these cameras is to observe the public spaces (video only, no audio) to assist in maintaining the safety and security of those who visit and attend the church, as well as the students of the Little Ed. Learning Center.  The cameras are used for the purpose of observation of particular areas by staff and members of Green Valley Baptist Church.  The cameras a re connected to a recording device and data is stored for 20 days.   Cameras are installed for viewing of common room spaces, including hallways and play areas.  Bathrooms and changing areas which one would expect privacy are not equipped with surveillance of any kind.  The surveillance system is not one that can be accessed via the Internet remotely by parents/guardians for viewing.  It is designed to be used specifically for on-site monitoring at the church.  If you have questions at any time regarding surveillance at our facility, please bring your questions or concerns to the Little Ed. staff.
The Little Ed. Learning Center schedules a mandatory fire drill each month to familiarize the children with the proper way to exit the building during an emergency.  If an emergency occurs, children will be escorted to a safe place outside the building.  Our facility is inspected annually by the State Fire Marshall’s Office and also the Department of Sanitation to ensure  all required regulations are met.
The Center’s staff will perform assessments and treatments for minor injuries.  If additional treatment appears to be necessary, parent, guardian, or emergency contact  will be called.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, the Russell County Public School’s decision for closure will be followed.  If Russell County Schools have a delayed opening (snow schedule), the Learning Center will delay it’s opening until 10:00 AM, and will extend closing to 12:30 PM.  If Russell County Public Schools close after the school day has begun, we ask that you pick up your  child as soon as possible.  The local TV channels and radio stations will broadcast school closings.  You may also view the Russell County Schools Website for more information on delays and closings.
The Little Ed. Learning Center will not postpone the end of its school  year beyond the month of May.  We will endeavor to “make up” time lost due to inclement weather by extending the school day during the latter months of the school year.
In the event that we need to extend the school day, the following adjusted schedule will be used:  The Preschool class as well as the  Half-Day Pre-K class will be in session from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, adding an additional 30 minutes per day.   The Full-Day Pre-K class will meet from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM, adding an additional 60 minutes per day.  The staff will advice parents if and when this extended day schedule is to begin.

Graduation Ceremony

A gathering of family and friends will be held at the end of the school year to celebrate the students’ accomplishments and to thank those who had a part in the encouragement and care of the children during the school year.  All students, even those who are returning for a second year, are eligible to attend and will be asked to participate.  We will request that parents purchase a cap and gown for their child to wear during the ceremony.
Our celebration continues on the Friday following the Graduation Ceremony with a “Fun Day.”  It’s a time for all students, families, and friends of Little Ed. to later one last time before summer break.  Details of the activity planned will be provided to students and families at the beginning of May.