3 Year Old Preschool Learning Objectives

Children should master the following before Pre-K:

Language Skills
  • Understand language and sounds
  • Understand language when spoken to
  • Pay attention when read short stories
  • Name sounds that are heard
Math and Reasoning Skills
  • Begin understanding numbers
  • Match items that are almost the same
  • Recite numbers 1-5 from memory
  • Count a small number of items
  • Begin understanding patterns
Science Skills
  • Begin to notice people and animals
  • Begin to watch and talk about animals and where they live
  • Begin to notice things about themself and others
  • Begin to notice the world around them
  • Notice differences
Social and Emotional Skills
  • Play in different areas with different children
  • Play alone, next to another child, or watching another child in a different learning station
  • Use creativity and imagination
  • Learn to take care of  people and things
Physical Skills
  • Develop coordination
  • Develop balance coordination
  • Begin to move in rhythm with songs and music
  • Develop physical skills
  • Develop coordination and movement
  • Participate in groups
Spiritual Skills
  • Heighten understanding of God
  • Learn to pray
  • Learn who Jesus is