Repentance Luke 19:28-38

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When George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789 his classic inaugural address cited the Providence of God and His bestowing on us as a nation the “sacred fire of liberty.” Now, 235 years later, a strong case can be made that we’ve not kept it; we’ve lost God’s Liberty, essentially by leaving God out of our schools and national dialogue and laws. We have disregarded the “hand of God” which George Washington spoke about. A broken border, crime in the streets, catastrophic debt, foreign wars, uneducated, sexually confused children, corrupt politicians, legalized sexual perversions, the ongoing killing of innocents, idols instead of the living God; all point to the imminent failure of this earlier God-based republic. God’s judgment is looming. The Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, upon which the United States of America was based, has a destiny for this nation which is not nearly complete: spreading the Liberty of Jesus Christ to a world starved for His Truth. And that Living God provides in His Word several places where a simple, but profound, process can be taken by which a nation can be forgiven of its sins and healed: repentance.