Treating Symptoms

Far too often in life the truth is we’re so focused on what we can see that we neglect to see all there is to be seen. This happens when we allow the physical, mental, and circumstantial realities to dictate our direction. This truth can affect our spiritual life, prayer life, and even dictate our beliefs. As a result, the situation you may be in, or the relationships you have, or even ourselves can remain unhealthy, stuck, and circumstantially bound.

    A lot of people today are living in a GREAT deal of misery, simply because they refuse to seek coaching or counsel to discover the spiritual root of what is keeping them unhealthy, stuck, and circumstantially bound. Almost every physical, mental, or circumstantial reality that is affecting people today has a spiritual cause behind it. Because God has said in Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This being true a Christian Coach can ask the right questions and guide you into the Presence of the Great Physician, in order to help you learn, how to do battle in the spiritual realm.

    Yet, what a lot of people do is try to treat the symptoms, not the cause that has them living unhealthy, stuck, and circumstantially bound. People do this through a variety of ways: self-medication, alcohol, drugs, sex, entertainment, spending, eating, the Internet and social media. Yet, none of those things provides the answers people need to break free from living unhealthy, stuck, and circumstantially bound lives. All those things do is serve to mask their misery, their pain. None of those things will bring about the healing they need or move them forward enabling them to become unstuck and no longer circumstantially bound.

Establishing the Need

Are you living an unhealthy life?

Are you stuck, not knowing what your next step is or what direction to take?

Do you feel as if your circumstances are about to overwhelm you?  

Are you tired of treating symptoms?

Would you like to discover the root of why you are doing what you’re doing?

Is it time for you to have a conversation with a Christian Coach?

Some things you may want to consider:

What would your future look like if you invested in yourself instead of in treating symptoms?

What would be different from today if you were to do so?

What would it mean for you to say hello to the new and goodbye to the old?

And if you were to say no to seeking answers, then, what are you saying yes to?